General Legal

  • Oregon State Bar – Excellent resource for information on common legal questions in Oregon, advice on finding a lawyer, and other topics.
  • The Oregon Department Of Justice’s Web site is a comprehensive store of consumer information, crime victim resources, and a wealth of topics of interest to Oregonians.
  • The Construction Contractors Board is the State licensing board for all contractors in Oregon. The CCB’s Web site is a valuable resource for contractors and consumers.
  • OTLA – Site of the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association

Real Estate

Domestic Relations

North Portland Neighbors

Of Special Interest

  • Franny Fund – The fundraising site for Theresa’s granddaughter’s uninsured medical costs.
  • Portland Online – Connect to North Portland, your neighbors, and the City of Portland!
  • Oregon State Constitution – If you have always wanted to peruse the Oregon State Constitution, it is available online.
  • Multnomah County Library Pageturners – Pageturners book groups meet monthly at most branches of the Multnomah County library. Theresa belongs to the day and evening one in St. Johns and hopes to get back to the evening one at Capitol Hill.
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