In the News- Escalator Injury

KATUEscalating concerns: Are you safe between floors at the mall? By Chelsea Kopta, KATU News; Dusty Lane, Staff Published: Nov 14, 2013 at 7:23 PM PD

A Portland family is suing the Lloyd Center mall after they say an escalator malfunctioned, burning their son’s hand.Richard Burns was 4 years old when the accident happened at the Lloyd Center Marshall’s in 2011.His mother, Latisha Storey, says Richard needed a skin graft and has been dealing with a lasting psychological impact.“It was like it just burned through his soul,” Storey said. Attorneys representing the family, Elizabeth Welch and Jeremiah Ross, say the escalator was “antiquated.” The escalator was installed back in 1960.The KATU Investigators looked into the state inspection records for the escalator in question, and found it was marked “unsatisfactory” in a quarter of the inspections it has received over the past 27 years (though the escalator was installed in 1960, records available at time of this report only go back to 1986).Read more:…  Click Here For Video of the Whole Story….

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