Successes: Kind words from Stephen Weber, realtor

A person I work with continuously, often, over time and on many cases! recently posted his experience with me with the following statement:  “I have worked with Theresa Kohlhoff for many years. She is the one attorney I have turned to over the years for advice and most recently, writing a will.  She is a very trustworthy individual I would want on my side.”  He turned this review into Yelp which refused to “recommend it.”  No matter.  Not all legal advice is what a person wants to hear or what the lawyer wants to give.  But it is crucial that the communication be clear and open.  The facts needs to be as objectively provable as possible and the legal interpretation of them given the state of the law has to be based on the experience and judgment  of the lawyer.  When that is understood and accepted, problems get solved.  That’s what it is all about.

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