Wills- What You Need to Do (and What We Charge)

UPDATED November 2011- We charge charge $300 for a will.  If the will is mutually similar, for example if a married couple (or any couple) is giving the same items to eachother, then the two wills are $300.

Please contact our office for the will questionnaire.  This questionnaire will get you oriented to the type of decisions you need to make.  Please return the questionnaire with $300.  Only then can we begin drafting your will.

We will then send you a draft of your will.  If you have any questions, it’s best to for us to answer them then.

Next we schedule a will execution.  At that time you will need to bring in one witness (generally Elizabeth acts as one witness and Theresa as notary).  This witness cannot have taken in your will!  If you cannot find a friendly neighbor (or pastor or friend) then we can work on a time when there are other people in the office who can witness.

A will service can also contain an Advanced Directive and/or Power of Attorney.  These documents are not necessary to the will and can be found at Stevens-Ness Legal Publishing Co. at http://www.stevens-ness.com, 916 SW 4th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97204, 503.223.3137.

Also, please consider attending our will seminars to get your general questions answered.

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