Wrapping a brain around a divorce: How Kohlhoff & Welch can help

Today there was an article regarding questions people could or should ask at a consultation with a lawyer for a divorce. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/04/divorce-advice-10-questio_n_3867625.html?ref=topbar To some extent people can do the paper work themselves and should. There are forms on the OJD website and many helpful but general discussions regarding the multitude of issues that arise around divorce, children, property, and support. Often though, even if they go on by themselves the divorcing person can benefit from an initial and substantive consultation on what to expect, how likely they are to get what they want, and what strategies might lead to the best result. If there is a lawyer representing the other spouse a consultation is even more imperative. We do a one hour, $350 initial consultation. This may be all you need to learn where you stand and where to go from here. Call 503-286-7178.

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